“From the heart of nature to the heart of your home...”

D’arte group is a leading importer, manufacturer and a global trendsetter in the world of Natural Stone. Since 2000, D’arte Company has been in the natural stone market as one of the largest and most successful groups in export and import sector. As a Turkish investment of D’arte Group, our global supply chain is built on exclusive overseas partnership from which we export hundreds of containers worldwide each year and also it is our honor to have investors in different regions of the world such as Turkey, Europe, and USA. 

Over a span of 20 years, we expanded our activities in different areas and have achieved the global reputation of supplying top-notch materials with the high-tech facilities at the industry’s best competitive prices and on-time delivery in every time. In 2020 While the economic situation of the world was stagnant, the investments of D’arte company in Laudenbach, Germany continued at full speed. In the same year, it continued its impressive activities by signing a 5-year distribution agreement with Angelo firm, a marble and ceramic producer İtalian firm. Despite our unique design in natural stone, we have taken effective steps in the field of accessories with the inspired Designs of our professional architects.

With taking into consideration of continuous development and harmonization with international standards in all its activities, the success we have reached in our country is progressing rapidly on his way to becoming a world player gradually step by step. Having travelled in our path to success, we always aim at protecting our company credibility by bringing together many parameters like providing the exceptional service that is unmatched in the natural stone industry along with using our extensive industry experience and supplying high-quality stones to our clients. Because our customers are our strength and benefactor and hence our first priority has become quality and stable work for our customers. So we always choose the best targets with the right investments and employees to reach this goal.

Additionally, it is pertinent to mention that in order to provide a maximum benefit of our human talents, strength, and creativity, we take the principle of working with the best personnel, increase productivity, make opportunities to improve skills, and create a great working environment with dynamic and adept professionals who are always ready to share their expertise and help to the clients. We know them as a pillars of D’arte Group and the primary necessities for the future of our company.

Moreover, in conformity with our commitment to excellence, we have taken it upon us to address some principles like adhering to superior business ethics and honestly task rules and also trying to act fairer for the mutual benefit in all our relationships and abide by the laws. Also, the most important one that we won’t give up is to fulfill our responsibilities for the present and future generations.For living in a healthy country and world, it is our duty to act with the consciousness of environmental protection and spread it globally. So, we know the natural stone as a forever life cycle by considering durability, lifespan, uniqueness and timeless quality that will never end up in a landfill and can be substituted as an environmentally-stable material with unendurable materials that tend to take a toll on surfaces. As a result, it reduces the overall environmental impact and threatening, and adds to the life expectancy and appeal of the material. 

‘’From the heart of nature to the heart of your home’’